Become The Leader You Were Always Meant To Be...

- Lady Colleen Glaeser

Who Is Lady Colleen Glaeser?

Lady Colleen Glaeser is the definition of a ‘one woman wonder’ – a self-made millionaire lady boss who started her first company at the tender age of twenty-two.  Today, Lady Colleen not only owns three companies, but she is the only female to serve on the board of international directors for the Russian Software Company – AxxonSoft. This entrepreneur and ultimate lady boss is known for her dynamic personality, beautiful compassion and strong leadership skills.

Lady Colleen is a visionary and is on the road to becoming a top international motivational speaker, with speaking engagements across the world. Motivational speaking is a passion for her, and she hopes to inspire and encourage women to become the best version of themselves, cheering them to on to find their confidence and go forth and conquer. She believes that anyone can realise their wildest dreams with a winning, positive attitude and the confidence to go with it.

Lady Colleen has an extraordinarily unique story to tell, one that shows the determination, strong will and success of a woman destined to create an exceptional life for herself and her family. She has been fortunate enough to travel to Russia and Bulgaria to name a few, sharing the stage at international conferences with some of the world’s top technology brands and inspirational speakers. She has also been featured in numerous publications as the go-to expert in her field.

Lady Colleen lives by a simple ethos, one which is perpetuated across all aspects of her life and is the driving force behind her brand. “I believe nothing is possible without confidence. This is particularly important for women. Confidence is the key to everything. It is not just about saying you’re confident, it’s about inherently believing in yourself and about portraying this confidence through your beautifully unique offering to the world.”

“I honestly do believe that it is a beautiful era for women to be alive. Our voices are being heard, we are being taken seriously in the work place, and we are seeing more and more successful women on company boards and as CEOs of impressive companies. It is vital that we continue to not only uphold this legacy but create a positive space for future generations of women leaders to grow and become the leaders they were always meant to be,” continues Lady Colleen.

Lady Colleen also has extensive experience in sales, leadership and psychology – using this dynamic skillset to deliver powerful speeches and short videos on her social media channels. With a positive outlook and willpower like no other, Lady Colleen Glaeser has applied her entrepreneurial skills and sales framework to create three successful, award winning businesses in the telecoms, security and hospitality industries, all of which she still currently manages. It is under her leadership that each of these companies have all experienced exceptional growth, averaging an increase of 200% annually.

A compassionate woman, Lady Colleen holds her philanthropic initiatives very close to her heart. She believes that it is vital to give back. “Help someone else with the confidence they need to live their best life,” says Glaeser. She has various charity projects in the pipeline and hopes to make 2018 a great success with her various partners. Lady Colleen is a brand ambassador for both Miladys South Africa and Afrique Diamonds. A lover of diamonds, the partnership with Afrique was symbiotic. “They showcase beautiful South African pieces and I love wearing their collection. Each time I put an exquisite piece on, I feel extremely confident and ready to conquer.” Lady Colleen also works with Miladys as one of their ambassadors. “Their clothes are stylish, comfortable and chic. I  am always a confident woman in one of my Miladys garments.”

Watch this space as Lady Colleen Glaeser continues to grow from strength to strength, delivering powerful, out-of-this-world and thought-provoking content for her loyal followers.

"the one woman wonder, international motivational speaker and successful business woman"


Managing Director

AxxonSoft South Africa
November 2016 - Present
AxxonSoft is a leading software developer that combines IP-based physical security management, intelligent video surveillance, and an enterprise-wide platform into fully integrated vertical and horizontal solutions.

Our solutions help governments, institutions, and commercial enterprises of any size protect their people and facilities, prevent asset loss and damage, and improve business efficiency, all at the same time.

For our partners and customers, the possibilities are endless.


DCSS South Africa
January 2011 - Present
I understand the Telecoms and CCTV industry and have excelled in it for 17 years. My team and I have designed and implemented some of South Africa's largest corporate company telecoms networks.

In 2015 we made a strategic move to invest in Business Event Monitoring via CCTV, offered through our manned, 24-hour control centre - the first of its kind in Natal. This remains to be a core part of our business - one which we have gotten to understand very well and have built a solid offering and value proposition on, which is embraced by over 3,000 clients country wide.

VOIP And Telecoms Engineer

May 2000 - Present
I have designed and implimented some of south africas largest Voice and Data Networks and received various awards for top sales person country wide.

I also give sales and motivational cources.

Managing Member

March 2000 - Present
I deal with the large corporates and design taylor made telecoms solutions.
Marketing and sales of the Samsung Range of PABX equipment.
Satellite based solutions.
Network Design.
Design of Video Conferencing solutions.
GSM based network design.


March 2009 - September 2014
Consulting with there top corporate clients and selling of there product.

Sales Manager

1998 - 2001
Top sales consultant
General Manager
Running of the sales team
Motivational Talks

Telecoms Design

1996 - 1998
Sales of the Siemens range of equipment.
Network design.
Solutions consultant.

Honors and Awards

Top Sales person, DCSS