What makes me a confident lady.

I am asked on a daily basis, what the key to my success is, both in my personal and professional capacity. Well, the answer is simple ladies, it comes down to my confidence.

Confidence is my personal motto, it is part of my identity. It dictates how I conduct business and engage with friends, family, colleagues and employees. Let me say this, it’s the one rule I absolutely live by and advocate to others all the time. Confidence factors into every single minute of my day, whether it be confidence at work, confidence on a stage as I am speaking in front of thousands of people, many of them powerful business men, and confidence in my personal life.

This world is cluttered with negative information, sentiment and people. We as women are extremely hard on ourselves and each other. Quite often, nothing ever seems to be good enough and we can sometimes feel as if life is overwhelming, particularly when we are constantly bombarded with negativity from the external environment. Our internal dialogue however, can also often be our biggest enemy.
There are many ways in which you can build confidence into your daily life and routine. It comes down to changing habits and our mindset. You know what I am talking about…the little inner voice telling us we can’t achieve something, we’re not a good enough mother, who are we to stand up and say something? I have some news for you. If I listened and believed in that little negative voice, I wouldn’t be where I am today. You CAN change habits and mindsets, and you can have that CONFIDENCE you’ve always desired. It all begins with the way in which we wake up every morning and choose to see the world, taking ownership of who we are and our special place on this earth.

So, how do we become confident?
Subtle and simple changes are key. Make small goals and take even smaller steps to achieve confidence throughout your life. Perhaps this means waking up in the morning and before getting out of bed and rushing off into the chaos that lies ahead, spend five minutes in silence and repeat positive affirmations to yourself about yourself. You may prefer to meditate on your yoga mat in the garden or over your cup of morning coffee at the breakfast table. The trick is, to dedicate these five minutes to yourself every day. It won’t make you a bad mom, bad wife, bad employee or even a bad boss. These five minutes will actually help you achieve success in all aspects of your life. Don’t do it for anyone else but yourself.

Write things down. Whether it be about what you want to achieve in your career or how you feel you can lead a more confident life, it doesn’t matter, WRITE IT DOWN. Just promise me that when you do write it down, you remember to also positively affirm yourself e.g. “I want to find a desirable balance between work and personal life. I deserve to have balance. I work hard and once in a while, it’s ok to take an hour for a massage and make a plan to have a romantic weekend away.”

Finally, put on that bright lipstick, wear that fancy dress to work or put on a pair of your favourite heels, even if it’s just to walk into the office, do it. It’s incredible how subtle additions such as these can add to your confidence without you even noticing them.
The time is now ladies, to take ownership of your confidence. I look forward to walking this journey to confidence with you. As confident women, we should be inspiring and motivating others to find their confidence and unique voice. Let’s make this a collaborative effort.
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- Lady Colleen Glaeser