Building an empire, creating influence.

Over the past few years, I have been lucky enough to embark on an incredible journey. One that I hope continues into my future, helping me grow as a woman, entrepreneur, wife and mother. This journey that I speak of pertains to the empire I have built and will continue to grow year-on-year. This empire doesn’t necessarily relate to the companies I own, but to the empire that has become my life. ‘Empire’ is an extremely powerful word and I am using it here as I do believe the use of powerful rhetoric can influence power in our lives.

The funny thing about this journey is that I never asked for it to happen. It has been what some may say is serendipitous and organic. I often speak of how important confidence has been in shaping my life and who I am today. I attribute this empire I have actively participated in to make, to confidence. It is intrinsically intertwined into my identity and I do believe it is responsible for my success.

I learnt something very early on in life about myself, it was that I didn’t to work for anyone else other than myself. Once I realised this in my early twenties, I set off to design a future whereby I became my own lady boss. I don’t say these things to boast, but to inspire you dear reader, to go out and conquer the world yourself. This doesn’t mean that you must quit your job with no clear direction, maybe you will do just that, or perhaps you may want to exert your influence in the workplace or even at book club on your favourite book. Let it happen naturally but do make a concerted effort to stand bold and strong in yourself and your contribution to this world. Believe me, it does matter.

As this empire has grown, so has the influence that comes with it. From speaking on international stages and commanding a board room of top executives to motivating those who work with me and guiding my beautiful daughter on how she grows up and interprets the world, influence is an authoritative yet fundamental power that can shape and change the world.

There’s a lady boss and influential woman in all of us. It’s about finding our unique rhythm and believing in the process, even when others tell us we can’t do it and the world tells us we’re just a small fish in a big pond. This lady boss disagrees with it all. We all have purpose and individuality. It’s time to harness our power and inspire change in ourselves. That, my dear ladies, is influence.

Until we chat again, JUST GO OUT AND DO IT. Build your empire. The influence will come.

- Lady Colleen