Proactively inspiring a generation of women

From the desk of Lady Colleen Glaeser.

While our successes in life, whether they be personal or professional, help shape the women we become - and we all deserve that pat on the back for all we have been able to achieve - I believe there is no greater success for us as women, than to help other women achieve their successes in their own right.

To stand back and watch another woman accomplish greatness, through the mentorship and guidance you have given her, is an extraordinary experience and something I highly value. From respecting and celebrating our peers in all they do, to paving the way forward for a new generation of women who will take our place, imparting with one’s knowledge and wisdom is one of the greatest gifts we can ever give others.

I resolve myself to not only impart knowledge and wisdom based on my experiences and successes but to inspire other women to pursue their dreams as well. It is something I constantly endeavour to do and be cognisant of on a daily basis. Inspiration and mentorship comes in many shapes and sizes. For me, sometimes being an inspirational role model is simply how I instil precious values in my daughter. I always remind myself that my role in business and in life, fundamentally shapes the woman my beautiful daughter will become one day, and there is nothing more important to me than this. My hope is that, as she grows and becomes older, forging her own life path, she will become the confident and inspiring woman I know she was born to be.

Further to this, I want to be an inspiration and role model to the many fantastic women who work under my directorship. To see them grow and become the powerful women I knew they could, is an exciting thing to witness. Helping an individual nurture their career is one of the most valuable attributes of a successful leader.

As we begin to become cognisant of how our actions and words affect those around us, we have to ask ourselves one important question, “Are we a role model to other women and what are we doing to help shape the future for women, a new generation of lady bosses who will utilise our guidance and experiences to pave the way before them for the next generation and so forth?”

We then have to delve a little deeper and decipher how we are personally impacting the lives of the women around us. Whether it be the way we hope to inspire young ladies and help mould the women they will become one day, or the women who work for us.