"Make Your Presence Command Attention And Confidence Encourage And Inspires Many"

- Lady Colleen Glaeser

Management Electronic Systems

To whom it may concern

M E Systems has used Colleen Glaeser on many occasions as motivational speaker as well as for product and sales training. Colleen is very energetic, motivated and professional.

As motivational speaker she is excellent and my staff had only positive things to say after her session. M ESystems has benefitted hugely from her involvement with the way she can get excitement, positivity and eagerness into other eople is worth a special mention.

We also used Colleen for product training on the Axxon and Samsung products. Her knowledge on the products is exceptional and she helped to create a better hderstanding for the products specifications and features and also how to apply this nowledge in the sales environment. Colleen was well prepared and organised when présenting product training to our company.

M E Systems also used Colleen on a few occasions at our various branches to present sales training and in this regard the company has benefited hugely. With her dynamic personality and contagious positive attitude she was able to make a mark able difference in our sales teams. With innovative new sales strategies and techniques she played a huge role in the success of ME Systems, receiving the Samsung dealer of the year award in 2016 and 2017.

I would highly recommend Colleen Glaeser's services to any company she certainly made a huge difference at ME Systems.

Jaco Mostert - CEO

AxxonSoft Global

From the moment Lady Colleen Glaeser joined the global AxxonSoft team, she has played an integral role in taking the brand forward with her innovative concepts and entrepreneurial mindset. Colleen, as the only female owner of a regional business partnership with Moscow Head Quarters, holds a strong position of authority and is well liked by her peers.

She has helped AxxonSoft develop state-of-the-art security concepts that are changing the face of retail security in South Africa.

Her vibrant personality and passionate enthusiasm is a massive asset. She is extremely passionate about helping others find their confidence and fulfill their dreams and goals. This passion translates through to her work ethic and the projects she tackles on a day to day business, as well as the businesses she owns and manages extremely well in Southern Africa.

She is highly respected by her colleagues and employees and is seen as an instrumental figure in her industry, commanding respect for her incredible knowledge and ability to think creatively.

Her presence commands attention and her confidence both in the boardroom and on stage encourages and inspires many. Her winning and entertaining approach to inspiring others leaves a memorable mark and she often receives a standing ovation as she engages with her audiences.
Yury Akhmetov - General Manager

Marketing Affair

Dynamic! Engaging! Powerful! Inspirational!

A few of the many feelings you can look forward experiencing to in an encounter with Colleen. I’ve personally attended and co-presented with Colleen for over 14 years - somehow she manages to deliver more and more value each and every time I hear her speak!

This woman is on another level!

Mitchell Barker - Head of Client Strategy